Flaptrap - February 20, 2005

I need help!PLEASE READ!

Most of you readers here know about Nine-Eye.SO far he has been happy and healthy living here.And as always,non of our neighbors here are bothered by him.Until now that is.....we have new people down the street.It seems that Nine-Eye has been jumping their fence three times today to play with their two dogs.The people do not like that,which I can understand.However,they came over here today and threatened to KILL him should he jump the fence again.They think because Nine-Eye and our dogs (and some other dogs from here) hang out all the time,that they are in a pack and will attack eventually.Since all dogs here are house pets who are just outside during the day time,I think the people are FULL OF SHIT,it has never happened before,the dogs hang out for YEARS.Anyways.....they want him dead.They don't mind him running the street (however,they did call Animal Control anyways because of that) but if he jumps the fence again,the guy will kill him.Also,they get a trap on Tuesday to get rid of him.We managed to talk the people into calling us,should he jump into the yard again,but god only knows for how long that will go good.
We cannot take him IN the house,he is not a dog one would be able to keep in the house,at least we can't.We already have TOO many animals inside and we just would not have enough room for him.He does not stay in our backyard (jumps the fence LOL) and we tried to tie him up but all he does is cry.I never thought that someone for real would move here and make a fuss,especially not someone who has dogs and claims to love dogs and with the next breath threatens to kill a dog.
I am not asking for money.I need to find this dog a home!!!!!Animal Control does not help with that.Humane Society never returns calls,others want us to foster him INSIDE till adopted,which we can't.
Maybe there is a GOOD person out there that would be willing to take him and give him all the attention he needs to become a house dog.Or someone who has a fence with a fence high enough that he can't jump it.
If there is ANYONE in the greater Atlanta Area who give enough about the life of a dog,PLEASE HELP!
He is the sweetest thing and does not deserve to be treated like shit by these people.And I want to,but I can't.I can't afford a new,higher fence or I WOULD DO IT!Plain and simple only because all the kids here and my dogs love Nine-Eye to death.But I can't afford it!And I do not have time,patience,not even room,if I had the time and patience to take him inside and train him.
I am desperate and honestly,I would even consider PETA right now!
All you readers outthere.....PLEASE ask arround and let me or Jim know if you know anyone!
Thank you.
And NO.....I am not some crazy little shit freak.I just LOVE dogs,especially THAT dog and I see no reason to kill anything that is harmless!Might as well kill my kids then,too,should they ever climb your fence,right?!

Here are some pictures.

100_3173.JPG 100_3174.JPG

100_3175.JPG 100_3557.JPG

100_3558.JPG 100_3559.JPG

Posted by jesspea at February 20, 2005 03:17 PM | TrackBack

Hi there! Please send me some pictures of the dog. It is very hard to sell folks on adoption without one. I have placed many animals and will help you with this one. I have a huge network of people I can contact.

Thanks, Kay

Posted by: Kay at February 21, 2005 08:48 AM

He is such a gorgeous dog.
Why do they want you to foster him in the house? Couldn't you contact the people and tell them you can't foster him in the house, but could they find someone who would?

He is such a sweet looking animal.
How is he with children? Other dogs? Is the problem that he is not housebroken? Make a list of his habits good and bad.

Good luck! I'll make a post and link.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at February 21, 2005 12:25 PM

Well,I can not think of bad things at all other then maybe the fact that it might take him a while to get used to someone,but he got better on that bad alot.I do not think that he is housebroken after beeing outthere for 2 years (and thats only what we know,god knows how long for real),when the ice storm was a few weeks ago my neighbor and I coaxed him into her garage to lock him up from the cold,well,the piles added up quickly.LOL.He loves other dogs,we have about 4-5 other dogs (inc.our 2) that he is always with.He always is where the kids are,he loves kids.No food agression that we know of,in fact he is last in rang.I only saw him get nasty twice at other dogs,both dogs do not live here,they were walked by by someone but he only barked and jumped arround like my dogs do,noone got hurt nor did he try to hurt,but I bet they would have gotten into a fight if the other dog would have been off the leash.He sees my cats and doesn't care..I saw him eat with squrrels,so...I don't think he cares.LOL
He would need command training,a GOOD wash and groom which we have not managed to get him to yet.I know a vet who would come out to give him shots but no groomer.We still have money that was donated for him so the new person would get that.Uhm...I honestly can't think of more.He is VERY good but skittish,yet not scared, at times.But has never hurt anyone.He is smart,loving,cuddly....very offended if yelled at (LOL).I don't think he likes water much but loves laying in the pouring rain.He loves beeing outside and needs other dogs to be with and people!
If I think of anything more,I'll write it up here.

Posted by: LW at February 21, 2005 12:54 PM

I had a similar problem with a dalmation. She would climb the fence. I went to a home and garden or feed and seed store and bought an electric fence charger. I ran wire at the top of the fence. The shock is not harmful to the animal but it solved my problem. I don't think I spent more than $ 100.00

Posted by: Debbie at February 21, 2005 01:48 PM

He looks like a dog that needs a LOT of activity and a house full of kids that are home a lot. I will pray that he finds a place People are stupid sometimes and need to CHILL OUT... its not like your dog has hurt anyone...

Posted by: Hokulea at February 22, 2005 04:04 AM

why don't you crate train the dog and keep it indoors, in a crate, during the day? not a big deal.

Posted by: kris at February 22, 2005 09:01 AM

AS I have written,I have NO time nor room for him in the house.We have already two dogs,three cats as well as three kids.I also lack the financialls to take on an other dog inside.SInce he is a stray,living outside for his entire life,it IS a big deal and he needs someone experienced.He deserves more then just beeing "kept".

Posted by: LW at February 22, 2005 10:13 AM

I know you said you don't have the financial ablility to build a higher fence, but could you place the dog in a chain link fence? Those are pretty high and sometimes you can find one cheap if someone is trying to get rid of it. Or you could put the dog on a runner and it wont seem like he's tied up. This is just if you were really wanting to keep your dog and chose to put him up for adoption as a last resort.

If I didn't live in a one bedroom apartment I would take him as I LOVE animals too. This guy is really a jerk and you should consider reporting him to authorities as an animal abuser. If he threatended to do that to your dog, who knows what he does to his!

I hope everything works out!!!!

Posted by: Haley at February 22, 2005 05:46 PM

Hey, y'all. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We would definitely love to keep him but we do not have the resources to keep him the way he should be kept. We can't kennel a dog outside or have one who lives his life on a chain. That isn't how a dog should live. We don't have a big house and it's already overflowing with animals. We'd shoehorn him in somehow if possible but he also needs to be trained to the house - he's been living out of doors and loose for two years now - and we just aren't able to do that no matter how much we want to.

What we really want is to find a family of dog lovers. Ideally one with kids and at least one other dog as that is Nine-eye's dream family. A family that either has an enclosed yard where he could live with another outside dog or who has the experience to house train him (or just enough patience and love to substitue for experience).

Posted by: Jim at February 22, 2005 07:08 PM

One option which might work is a No-jump harness. They're designed to stop a dog from jumping up on a person, but this device should also stop Nine Eyes from scaling the neighbor's fence. The harness fits around the dogs neck and his back legs. It puts pressure on the chest to stop jumping. They're priced at about $10.00

Posted by: Cathy at February 25, 2005 04:34 PM

The dog is beautiful. He looks exactly like my dog Jack. I can however see how your neighbors would be angry that he is jumping their fence. They are doing the right thing keeping their dogs in their fence. By letting your dog "run", he is in danger of hurting himself or being hurt by someone who doesnt want him in their yard. I also don't understand your reasoning that you cannot keep him inside. Dogs dont take up a lot of room. It doesn't "cost more" to keep a dog inside rather than outside. Your best bet is to take him to the pound. Being put to sleep is a much better option than being shot by a neighbor. If you cannot afford a higher fence, how in the heck are you going to afford the vet bill when he does get shot or hurt jumping a fence??????

Posted by: Lil at February 26, 2005 12:52 PM