July 12, 2005

Brian Nichols get away with a spider bite

Here is another reason to believe the American justice system has serious problems:
Brian Nichols did not show up for his court date because of a SPIDER BITE!
A fucking killer gets away with that!I once was subpoenaed for a neighbors divorce case.Being 9 month pregnant at that point and my doc being against me going onto a witness stand,I refused to go,using legal steps of course.Result:they basically told me if I do not show up,there will be a warrant against me to keep me in court contempt.Words used:" I don't care if she gives birth in court of feeds a baby on her boob but she WILL show up."
Luckily.....the judge never needed me.Yet,why the hell did I have to go through this while a KILLER get out of it with a spider bite?Beats the shit out of me.
Also,the term "accused killer" is bugging me......he DID IT!Damn,rearrange the use of words here please!

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I am so sick of people with NO sense of humor!

Seriously,I am!I love where I live and most of the folks who are my neighbors.But some are just not right in the head.Once in a while we play in the street.Badminton,Frisbee,riding bikes.......you name it.This is a dead-end street with a huge "watch for kids playing,speed limit 25mp/h" sign at the beginning of the subdivision.With several adults on one end and several adults on the other,kids being in the middle,we have it under control.When a car comes you yell "CAR!" and everyone (except Burger on occasion) moves to the curb or into the front yard.Yet,some neighbors feel the need to speed through with 60 mp/h while bitching at us and threatening us.One asshole even said "this is not a playground,I am going to call the Police" and when my neighbor M walked up to his car,he called her a Fucking Bitch and took off.Another stupid female jackass told the little ones she would beat them up if only ONE drop of water out of their water guns would hit her car.We called the Police,they defended her with "you can shoot water in the yard but not onto the street".Note:the kids were in my driveway and NOT in the street when she yelled at them.We even had to remove our own little,yellow "kids at play sign" and were told it is illegal to play in the street (FUCKING COPS!).War is ON!
I am so sick of these people bitching for no reason!We are PLAYING GAMES!We are HAVING FUN!Since when is that a crime????We do not cause any damage, and if we would,we are more then happy to replace it.
Why is there a warning sign at the beginning of the subdivision (an official one,placed by the city) with a speed limit if these assholes get away with speeding and we are NOT allowed to play in the street?
This is just fucking bullshit.I am so sick of hearing that criminals get away with everything and people who PLAY get punished.The fucking cops should go mind their business and catch criminals and not waste time on people who have a problem with others/kids having fun!
I am calling a WAR against people with no sense of humor.Get your fucking heads out of your asses and live a little!

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July 07, 2005

al-Qaeda strikes again

Those motherfucking terrorist assholes did it again.
Maybe its about time to get rid of the entire Islamic world and population,just as a precaution (sorry if I offend any innocent here).The movie "The day after" comes to my mind.Yeah,call me a racist if you like.I am German,I think Hitler might have been my uncle.

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June 22, 2005

Wilbanks Talks to NBC's Couric

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks said her other alternative to escape her planned wedding was suicide in an interview with NBC’s Katie Couric that aired Tuesday night.

I wish she would have just done that!It would have saved the tax payer a lot of money.
Psycho Bitch!

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Whiny Wilbanks Bitch

I just got done watching the interview with "runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks.
All I can say is:what a faking,whiny,unreal,lieing,spoiled rotten bitch,stone cold,brick wall,emotionless,dike-o-saurus rex!
What a DISGUSTING person.
Way to go Loser John!

No other words,just BAD indigestion!

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June 13, 2005

Freecycle Mods are stupid!

And they have just recruited new ones.Under the condition that they have to be able to use spelling and grammar correctly.Go figures that not even one of them can even READ.
The newest thing for today?They posted a poll weather or not to allow FISH to be posted,FISH and only FISH.No other animals.Told them its ALL or NO animals.Make up your FUCKING MINDS!Of course all I got was "please enter the poll".Which I did,but I wanted them to hear MY opinion ANYWAYS.Answer:"we'l see your personal opinion in the poll".HOW?My name is not even there.IDIOTS.For once I want to be published and they won't let me.Sniffffffffff

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June 02, 2005

2PM on a Thursday,a dog dies

At 2 PM today a doggie got hit on a major road in front of my eyes.Hit by it's owner,who denied she did it.I picked the dog up,coincidentally a vet pulls over,makes the owner take the dog to a clinic.Cops pull up at the same time,tell me to go shove it and get off the road.I am the one who saw it,took the dog off the road and revived it.Asshole owner let the doggie run along her car down the street,denies it.
Not a thank you,just a dead dog and some ruined clothes and shoes.
What the fuck is up with that???
Long story,don't want to go into details now.Maybe later.
What a BAD day!!
I hope the bitch asshole owner goes to hell,rots and in the meantime gets a fat ass bill from the vet!

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May 25, 2005

Dear Denver Airport

I would like to thank you for the major laugh you provided my family with by announcing the search for Mr. Richard Pecker.
Now that's what I call customer service!

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May 24, 2005

Back Home

So,we made it back home.Spokane is a boring,sleepy,old,little town.Granted,the scenery is AWESOME as well as the climate.However,turning up the local heat would be appreciated.The wedding ceremony was short and sweet,the church very,very weird but then again:our ENTIRE family,extended included is weird.Very funny bunch of people,lots of fun,you never have to watch your mouth or habits,there was no age-limit to beverage or smoke and ALL of the teenage kids were so great,some locals here in GA should take a piece of that to heart.All in all we had a GREAT time.
We also met with one of Jim's blog friends (Margie) which was great.She and her hubby and son are a funny bunch.
I also flew to Seattle for one day to meet with my friend Sam,which was absolutely cool.We had a great time bar hopping at 11 am and the aquarium was a real hit.Seattle is cool.I loved it and I want to go back there.But I think Seattle REALLY needs to open earlier.There side walks are down till noon in the tourist areas,which makes hungry people very,very irritated!Unless you thrive on coffee of course which seems to be what at least 90% of WA state seems to do.
They also need to get COKE and stop serving that nasty Pepsi shit.Seriously,in all the time there I managed to find just ONE establishment that served/sold Coke!How rude.
The condensed version of this here story:
I want to go back.But not to Spokane.Noway,unless I have a reason to (maybe to see the extended family once in a blue moon).But I want to go back to Seattle as well as further up state.
Until then you hippies in WA state:
Rock on!

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May 17, 2005

We made it!

Yes,we are in Spokane.
Bohoo,thats all I have to say....bohooo.......
Not that bad but....well,I want to go back to WARM Georgia!!

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